2024 iPad Models After ‘Pro’ Series to Feature OLED Panels Mass Produced by Samsung

Samsung has reportedly entered into an agreement with Japan Ulvac, with both companies rumored to start a price negotiation for the Gen 8.5 OLED deposition equipment that the latter will supply. This equipment is expected to mass produce OLED panels for the second-generation iPad series, which is scheduled to launch in late 2024.

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Information learned by The Elec states that Samsung will make a decision next month on whether it will invest in the production of Gen 8.5 OLED, which will expand its existing capacity to manufacture OLED panels for various computing devices such as tablets and PCs. Using Gen 8.5 substrates for these larger panels instead of Gen 6 substrates used for smartphones results in higher cost-saving, suggesting that mass producing these screens could be less expensive.

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Samsung is also said to produce OLED panels alongside LG for the new versions of the iPad Pro range, which will include an 11-inch version and 12.9-inch versions. Since Apple brings advanced display technology to its more pricey offerings, much like the case with bringing mini-LED to iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models, OLED technology will likely arrive for the iPad Pro range first, then for the less expensive products.

Earlier, Samsung and Apple were reported to have a falling out over OLED production for iPads because the latter wanted a two-stack tandem panel that would aid in increasing the panel’s brightness two-fold while adding four times to its lifespan, at the expense of cost. Samsung later agreed to mass produce OLED panels according to Apple’s requirements but only if a large enough order was placed.

In light of recent information, Samsung is willing to proceed with mass production of OLED screens meant for second-generation iPad models, though it will take a couple of years before those products materialize.

News Source: The Elec

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