AMD EPYC 9000 “Genoa” processor lineup leaks out, up to 96 Zen4 cores and 360W TDP

4th Gen EPYC series with up to 96 Zen4 cores

AMD EPYC 9000 series based on Genoa silicon with Zen4 cores have been unveiled by YuuKi_AnS.

The leaker and hardware collector has access to prelaunch information for various Intel and AMD processors, such as Intel Sapphire Rapids and AMD Genoa. While YuuKi is keeping track of unreleased hardware he also shares frequently updated specifications charts for next-gen CPU series from both companies. In the latest update, the specs of upcoming AMD Genoa series have been unveiled.

This leak features proper naming for 4th Gen AMD EPYC CPUs, their clock speed and TDPs. It is confirmed that as many as 18 different models are now circulating internally before official launch, some of which are in engineering state and some production ready.

AMD EPYC “Genoa” based on Zen4 architecture will require a new socket known as SP5. New socket means that SP3 compatibility will end on EPYC Milan series and new processors will now continue using LGA-6096 version instead of 4094. This socket will also enable higher maximum power, reaching up to 700W (from 450W on SP3), but the default TDP for Genoa SKUs apparently sticks to 360W.

Alleged AMD EPYC 9000 Series Specifications, Source: YuuKi-Ans

The full configuration of EPYC Genoa silicon offers up to 96 Cores and 192 threads. Thus far only one production ready processor with such a core count is known, the EPYC 9654P. This CPU would operate in 2.0 to 2.15 GHz frequency and feature 360W TDP by default. However, according to YuuKi’s chart, there is also an engineering sample operating with up to 400W, it may simply be a pre-production sample of the same processor though.

The EPYC 9000 series would feature various core configurations, including 96, 64, 48, 32, 24 and even 16 cores. Each of those variants will also have different total cache, ranging from 384MB to just 64MB. The 16-core EPYC 9174F would be the highest clock SKU up to 3.8 GHz but also requiring 320W TDP.

AMD Genoa CPUs are set to launch later this year. Officially Zen4 data-center CPUs should become available in the fourth quarter, but AMD has been supplying these chips to partners for a while now, which is how YuuKi and others can provide this information beforehand.

AMD EPYC Genoa “9000” Series
Cores/Threads cache CPU Clocks TDP Current Status
EPYC 9654P 96/192 384MB 2.0-2.15GHz 360W Production Ready
EPYC 9534 64/128 256MB 2.3-2.4GHz 280W Production Ready
EPYC 9454P 48/96 256MB 2.25-2.35GHz 290W Production Ready
EPYC 9454 48/96 256MB 2.25-2.35GHz 290W Production Ready
EPYC 9354P 32/64 256MB 2.75-2.85GHz 280W Production Ready
EPYC 9354 32/64 256MB 2.75-2.85GHz 280W Production Ready
EPYC 9334 32/64 128MB 2.3-2.5GHz 210W Production Ready
EPYC 9274F 24/48 256MB 3.4-3.6GHz 320W Production Ready
EPYC 9254 24/48 128MB 2.4-2.5GHz 200W Production Ready
EPYC 9224 24/48 64MB 2.15-2.25GHz 200W Production Ready
EPYC 9174F 16/32 256MB 3.6-3.8GHz 320W Production Ready
EPYC 9124 16/32 64MB 2.6-2.7GHz 200W Production Ready
EPYC 9000 (ES) 96/192 384MB 2.0-2.15GHz 320-400W SPOUSE
EPYC 9000 (ES) 84/168 384MB 2.0GHz 290W SPOUSE
EPYC 9000 (ES) 64/128 256MB 2.5-2.65GHz 320-400W SPOUSE
EPYC 9000 (ES) 48/96 256MB 3.2-3.4GHz 360W SPOUSE
EPYC 9000 (ES) 32/64 256MB 3.2-3.4GHz 320W SPOUSE
EPYC 9000 (ES) 32/64 256MB 2.7-2.85GHz 260W SPOUSE

Source: YuuKi_AnS via Wccftech

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