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Buzz: Ram Should Be Careful With DSP

The trailer of Ram’s ‘Warrior’ is out. Only one complaint is being heard on this trailer of the movie directed by Lingusamy. The background score is very bad as per the majority opinion.

Though Devi Sri Prasad delivered a couple of good songs for this film, his background score is not captivating as many say.

His last good work with regard to background score was Uppena and Pushpa which belong to Sukumar. So, here the credit can be attributed to Sukumar but not DSP as no other film of his is sounding as good.

If DSP fails to deliver the right background score, the movie watching experience will be at a toss. The expectations of the audience are very big these days and they are throwing a thumbs down for anything beneath the outstanding.

If DSP keeps on giving good music only for Sukumar he may get restricted only to this camp like Keeravani confined to Rajamouli.

While Dil Raju gave the project of his brother’s son to DSP, he didn’t utilize it properly as the outcome didn’t reach the masses. There is a grapevine that Anil Ravipudi who believed in DSP initially is switching over to Thaman for Balakrishna’s project.

At this junction DSP needs to focus more on his work. Especially he needs to take care with the background score of the Ram-Lingusamy film.

The bottom-line is that if the movie sounds like a trailer, then it will be a trouble.

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