Even more Ezra Miller emerge, this time from abroad

Ezra Miller subject of new international

Ezra Miller
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Few pop culture stories are more baffling than Ezra Miller’s current reign of apparent terror, which spans continents and threatens multiple billion-dollar movie franchises. Following recent reports of alleged brainwashing and a farm full of guns (!!!), a new variety piece explores additional accusations that occurred across Europe over the past two years.

The outlet published comments for the first time from the woman who Miller choked in a viral video from Iceland. variety first spoke to this woman (who chose to remain anonymous) back in 2020, and she recently decided to go public with her comments.

She said that in the moments before the video, she had spoken with Miller about scars they’d gotten in a fight and joked, “[Just] so you know, I could take you in a fight,” before telling them to meet her in the smoking section in two minutes. “I think it’s just fun and games—but then it wasn’t. All of a sudden, [they’re] on top of me, choking me, still screaming in my face if I want to fight.”

When others attempted to intervene, Miller reportedly spit in their faces (disgusting regardless, but particularly troubling during the early days of COVID). A bartender who kicked Miller out that day said they had previously been a regular and was frequently asked to stop “lighting incense or candles” or “bringing in their own Bluetooth speaker and playing it super loud to overpower our music.”

variety also spoke with a woman named Nadia, who had a consensual sexual encounter with Miller in 2020 and maintained a friendly texting relationship with them afterwards. Nadia says Miller surprised her with a visit in Berlin in February 2022, and their encounter quickly turned aggressive when she asked them not to smoke in her apartment.

The situation escalated and, in all honesty, reads like a conservative’s anti-“woke” fever dream. When Nadia asked them to leave, she said Miller called her “transphobic” and a “Nazi” and argued about which of them had more relatives die in the Holocaust.

Nadia said Miller also accused her of “triggering” them as rape survivor and then a accused her of assault. After she finally managed to expel Miller from the apartment, she said Miller accused Nadia of stealing their passport and money because they’d left their jacket behind.

Upsetting Miller stories are cropping up faster than anyone can wrap their heads around. (Rumors of a bar fight with Austin Butler are note true, according to TMZ.) A source told variety Miller will be “privately [focusing] on their health and healing over the coming months,” so hopefully these incidents die down before someone else gets hurt or countries have to start closing their borders.


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