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Four Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Games Have Been Added To Switch Online’s Expansion Pack

Nintendo has just added four more games to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive app for the Switch Online Expansion Pack service. Here’s what you’ll get, along with a look.

The latest additions include Comix Zone, Target Earth (Assault Suits Leynos), Zero Wing and Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

MEGA MAN: THE WILY WARS features the first three games in the renowned Mega Man series, compiled for the SEGA Genesis! Wily’s mechanical minions are on the loose and Mega Man must defeat a bevy of robot masters to win the day. Beat all three games to unlock Wily Tower, where you can challenge a new boss.

Of Comix Zone, experience an action game in a setting based on American comics, complete with superhero power-ups and intense fighting moves. Comic artist Sketch Turner finds himself lost in the Comix Zone – a comic book world of his own creation – and must battle mutants to escape it, panel by panel.

Zero Wing is a side-scrolling classic created by Toaplan, a developer of popular arcade games. Cats, the leader of a band of space pirates, is terrorizing the galaxy. Pilot the only remaining Milky Way attack craft and deploy Valcan shots, lasers and homing missiles to stop him and his buccaneers – for great justice!

Of Target Earth, enemy Chron cyborgs are attacking Earth and its space bases! Battle across eight different levels filled with exhilarating mech suit platforming action and customize your loadout by earning equipment based on your performance. Can you save the planet and uncover the true legacy of Chron?

And in case you’re wondering, Japan received the same four titles:

To play these games on your Switch, you’ll obviously need to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership and a subscription to the higher-priced Expansion Pack tier.

What do you think of these games? Have you tried out the Expansion Pack yet? Leave a comment below.


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