Full Details Revealed on Disney’s $5,000 Drink

Disney is selling a $5,000 cocktail on their new cruise ship. The Kaliburr Cystal is the name of the drink and videos of it being served have taken social media by storm. Arthur’s About Theme Parks actually spoke to a bartender to figure out what kind of liquor is worth that kind of money. For starters, there’s Grand Marnier Quintessence (pricey cognac!). Then, we get Camus cognac, Japanese citrus fruit, yuzu, and kum2quat. Along with the drink, there are other component parts in that cool space-age container. There are some shots of Pappy Van Wink;e’s Family Reserve 23 Year bourbon, Taylor Fladgate Kingsman Edition Very Old Tawny Port. Some other reports say that it comes with a bottle of sparkling wine from Skywalker Vineyards. (As an added bonus, a voucher to visit Skywalker Ranch as well.) So, a couple of different things for that staggering price.

Star Wars actually spoke to Imagineer Danny Handke about making the Lounge. “We came up with this idea, ‘the Hyperspace Lounge.’ Think of it like a party ship through the galaxy,” he explained We’re jumping to different locations and getting a tour of space, and sampling amazing drinks from those different planets.”

“The visual effects are all-new for the Disney Wish,” Handke added. “We worked with ILM. Each sequence is almost like a mini-storyline that plays out. You’ll see iconic ships, you’ll see really cool things happen. ILM adds so much eye candy and they take it to a whole other level for us, which is so awesome. They work in all sorts of Easter eggs and little details.”

Disney talked about the Hyperspace Lounge in a release: “For the first time on a Disney ship, guests will embark on a space-jumping tour of the Star Wars galaxy at Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, a high-end bar styled as a luxurious yacht-class spaceship. This richly themed, immersive experience will be reserved for adults every evening, offering interactive tasting experiences and signature beverages inspired by the films.”

“Coruscant. Tatooine. Batuu. Watch worlds drift by at this stylish space bar boasting stellar views, where you can sit back and sip on some out-of-this-world concoctions while being transported throughout the Star Wars galaxy.”

“Families are invited to experience this interstellar watering hole during the day, but at night, the lounge jumps to lightspeed and becomes a haven for adults only, offering interactive tasting experiences and signature beverages inspired by the hit films.”

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