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Gmail’s new clutter-free interface starts rolling out to select users

What you need to know

  • Google introduced a new interface to its Gmail client early this year.
  • It started rolling out to select Gmail users this week.
  • The new interface makes the Gmail experience that much more clutter-free.

Back in February, Google unveiled a new Gmail interface, which appeared more straightforward and clutter-free. Starting this week, Google will roll out the new interface experience to a select number of Gmail users, the company announced in a blog post.

The changes included splitting Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet into different sections set up in a new location instead of cramming them in a single column, which is the current layout.

(Image credit: Google)

The new interface is now rolling out to a few users, and should hit broader availability in the coming months. While the new UI is set as default, Google still allows them to opt for the traditional interface with a single click of a button. Else, they can still tweak it to the Classic mail interface through the email settings menu. The Quick Settings menu allows users to access the new interface should they like it.

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