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How to fix ‘crash on startup’ error in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launched today and players are excited to get to hunting new monsters, gathering new items, and forging new weapons and armor. Some players are getting an error upon launch, however, which can be frustrating, especially on the first day the game is live.

There could be several reasons for the “crash on startup” error, including out-of-date drivers, outdated Windows versions, and more. There are some solutions that players can try to get their game up and running again, but others might require a hotfix by the developers of the game, and the only solution to that problem is simply to wait.

Some things you can do to try and fix the error include closing background tasks that are using up your system resources, checking to make sure your drivers are up to date, restarting your computer, and verifying the integrity of your files in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How to fix crashes in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Closing unnecessary background tasks can free up more system resources on your computer, which will allow your game to take up more of them and could reduce the crashes you experience. Open up your Task Manager and close anything that you aren’t actively using.

To make sure your drivers are up to date, go to the Device Manager on your computer and click “display adapters” to find your graphics card. You should see an option to update your drivers. Click “Search automatically for drivers,” which will tell your computer to search the web for updated drivers and then install any new ones it finds. Reboot your computer to ensure that the changes take effect and try your game again.

A common fix to a lot of issues is a PC reboot. If you want to go one step closer, you can do a clean boot, which can be done in the System Configuration. Check out the Windows website to see how to clean boot your PC on your current operating system.

You can verify the integrity of your game files to try to fix a crashing issue as well. This is done directly through Steam and it will ensure that nothing was missed while the game was downloading the new DLC. To do that, navigate to your library, then right-click Monster Hunter Rise from the list of games, and select Properties, then Local Files. Click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files” and allow Steam to run the function. When you’re done, boot up the game to see if that fixed the issue.

How to fix “Returning to Title Screen” error in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

There is an issue where the game will crash if you buy the DLC through Steam while you are also in the base game. If you do this, you might run into an issue that says “Returning to the Title Screen, because there has been a change in your ownership of add-on content. Do you wish to save?” It is advised that you save the game and then it will take you back to the title screen.

This is a known issue that has been identified by the developers and they have published advice on how to fix it. Luckily, the fix is ​​easy and just requires a PC reboot to remedy the problem.

The issue is only when players are buying DLC ​​while the game is open, so the developers advise that you purchase the DLC after you close the game while they work on a fix for the bug.

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