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Jaylen Brown says Draymond Green lost his mind after podcast diss

Jaylen Brown appears to have had enough of Draymond Green’s summer of pettiness.

The Celtics star tweeted that Green “lost his dam [sic] mind” in response to a clip that showed the Warriors star discussing guarding Brown during the 2022 NBA Finals.

During a live crossover event with Green’s podcast and “The Old Man & the Three,” Green said he knew he “took [Brown’s] heart” when the Celtics star “went in the media and said [I] was trying to pull his shorts down.”

Brown reposted the clip in a tweet Thursday, and wrote, “Draymond got a Podcast and lost his dam [sic] mind .. you could never.”

The situation in which Green referenced occurred during Game 2 of the NBA Finals, when the two players got tangled up in the second quarter, and Green appeared to pull down Brown’s shorts. Green — who already had a technical at the time after a separate tussle with Grant Williams — was not assessed a second one. The Warriors’ beat the Celtics, 107-88, in Game 2.

Jaylen Brown
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“When Jaylen Brown went in the media and said, ‘He tried and pulled my shorts down,’ I knew I took his heart,” Green said. “I knew I took his heart. And not that I’ll have it next year. I gotta regain it next year and the next time we play them, but I knew for the rest of that series, I had him. Because you know you’re standing over me and you gotta go to the media and say, ‘He was trying to pull my shorts down.’ Like come on, bro, you’re standing over me. Like, own it.”

After Game 2, Brown also said the Celtics weren’t afraid of the Warriors, which Green did not forget.

“Another thing he said and I sent it to our team, he said, ‘We are not afraid of the Golden State Warriors,’” Green said. “I sent it to our team in the group chat and said, ‘We ARE afraid of the Golden State Warriors.’

“Because nobody asked you are y’all afraid of us? Why the f–k are you talking about that? He’s like, ‘We are not afraid of them. We will do this and we’ll do that.’ I knew at that point. I’m like, yup, this is baby food and this is over and we’re gonna walk on out of here with a championship.”

That’s exactly what the Warriors wound up doing after beating the Celtics in six games to win their fourth title in eight years.

Since Green collected his fourth ring, he has been on a trolling tear, using social media and his podcast platforms to talk trash.

The Celtics and Warriors face each other twice in the 2022-23 regular season.


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