Dan Sileo, a former NFL defensive tackle, reports on his show, The National Football Show, that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo started throwing two weeks ago. The team initially estimated that the veteran, who underwent shoulder surgery on March 8, would start throwing in early July.

“He just started throwing two weeks ago,” Sileo said while speaking with Grant Cohn of Sports Illustrated. “… He started throwing two weeks ago—intermediate stuff with trainers and such. So two weeks ago, he started throwing.”

However, Sileo adds that he doesn’t believe Garoppolo will be ready for full-contact action once the 49ers report to training camp on July 26.

“He’ll probably get healthy by the end of camp, maybe miss the first couple of weeks,” Sileo said. “This is going to be [Trey] Lance’s job. It was always going to be Lance’s job because Garoppolo, health-wise, was not going to be ready.”

On Thursday, Sileo also reported that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might be interested in trading for Garoppolo. Of course, Sileo’s track record regarding breaking 49ers news is unknown. However, he has a close relationship with San Francisco’s general manager, John Lynch.

“I spoke with [Bucs GM] Jason Licht, and Jason Licht told me, prior to Brady coming back and coming out of retirement, one of the options was to go and try to get Garoppolo and bring him in to be the heir apparent and to take over for Brady after he comes off of his injury.”

Sileo later said, “What I’m hearing is this: The Buccaneers have reached out to the 49ers to try to bring Garoppolo down to be the heir apparent for Brady when he calls it a career at the end of the year. Both guys are represented by Don Yee.”

Sileo added that Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry has also reached out to John Lynch and the 49ers.

“John won’t confirm it for me,” the former defensive tackle noted, “but he said there’s multiple teams that have reached out to him about Garoppolo.”

Sileo believes the Buccaneers are the best fit for Garoppolo.

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