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Milviz Gives a Brief Update on 737-200 for MSFS Development

Aircraft developer Milviz has given a brief update on how progress is coming with their 737-200 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The project itself was confirmed back in August 2020, but the team has been quiet on news from the classic aircraft. However, that has changed with some new information that has come to light.

Over on the Avsim forums, Milviz said that things are progressing with the Boeing jet. In relation to the news itself, they said that they have been busy working with Nolinor in order to get access to the plane to record sounds. They said the company were very “generous and gracious” with giving the team full access to the plane. “Nolinor was super generous and gracious and allowed us full on access to the plane AND, even started it up, did a full flaps, spoiler, slat, engine check, including reversers… We recorded EVERYTHING….

In addition to that, Milviz now is confident that they can bring the 737-200 to a level they would expect. After some extensive time now with the SDK, and the various improvements to it, they are now in a much better place than they were a year ago when it was originally announced.

As with many developers, Milviz has multiple teams and people working on various projects all at the same time. So whilst this is progressive news, it doesn’t mean all focus has shifted on the 737-200 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There isn’t any more news right now on the project, but we’re excited to see what is to come.

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