Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite locations and how to get more

Want to know the easiest way to farm Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite? In a few maps in the RPG game’s expansion, you can mine this mineral at specific points. Once you find one of these black veins, interact with it to grab up to three precious metals you can then use to craft new gear.

The easiest way to get lots of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite is to head into a Master Rank expedition tour in the Shrine Ruins. To do this, go to Princess Chichae – the quest handler in Sunbreak – and select Master Rank. Here you can see the option to go on an expedition tour in green, which, unlike regular hunts, has no time limit. We recommend the Shrine Ruins map for your resource-gathering trip as it’s the place hunters will be most familiar with, and you can also hunt some Kelbi to grab a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak prized pelt.

Where to get Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite

There are 11 veins where you can potentially mine Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite. However, even if you find one of these mineral deposits, there’s no guarantee you will get what you want every time. You can find other precious minerals from the same vein type. If you’re fortunate, you may find three Awegite from the same vein, but you’re just as likely to find none.

With that in mind, here are the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite locations in the Master Rank version of Shrine Ruins:

  • Base camp – use the Great Wirebug to fling yourself to the nearby cliff edge, then climb to the top.
  • Zone 1 – climb towards the top of the cliff and look area with bamboo and Jagras.
  • Zone 5 #1 – climb up to the small plateau close to the ruined building.
  • Zone 5 #2 – go past the Torri gate near the top of the mountain, then search the left side of the clearing.
  • Zone 5 #3 – look inside the small cave to the west of the trail near the ravine.
  • Zone 5 #4 – look around the cliffs lined with small Torii gates between Zones 5 and 8.
  • Zone 5 # 5 – look around the cliffs lined with small Torii gates between Zones 5 and 8.
  • Zone 6 – use wirebugs to swing across to the cliff. The vein is to the southwest of this area.
  • Zone 11 – head to the southern entrance of the monster next, close to the cliff edge.
  • Zone 12 – at the base of the southern wall of the trail far to the north, close to some vines
  • Zone 13 – look near the bamboo near the southeast corner of the waterfall.

Once you have each of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegit locations memorised, you can optimize a route between them to mine them until you have what you need. Since you’re playing in expedition mode, you won’t have to worry about the new Monster Hunter Rise monsters impeding your progress. While you’re here, if you are looking for games like Monster Hunter, we have a list of great alternatives you can play.

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