Nathan For You’s Nathan Fielder premieres The Rehearsal trailer

The Rehearsal

The Rehearsal
photo: HBO

Wouldn’t it be nice to practice every social interaction before having it? Whether it’s a chance to come up with a few cool ice breakers or to get those “chewing with mouth closed” reps in, we’d all like an opportunity for a do-over or, at least, a warm-up. Thankfully, famed small business expert and good grades haver Nathan Fielder feels the same way.

The Rehearsal | Official Trailer | HBO

With his new show, The Rehearsal, Fielder and his substantial HBO production budget take real people and prepare them for life, literally. He’s building sets, hiring actors, and writing scripts that help everyday people manage the uncertainties of life through deliberate practice. Here’s the logline:

Nathan Fielder (Nathan For You, How To With John Wilson) returns to television for a new series that explores the lengths one man will go to reduce the uncertainties of everyday life. With a construction crew, a legion of actors, and seemingly unlimited resources, Fielder allows ordinary people to prepare for life’s biggest moments by “rehearsing” them in carefully crafted simulations of his own design. When a single misstep could shatter your entire world, why leave life to chance?

Fielder’s unconventional mix of documentary-style slow-burn, high-concept pranks made Nathan For You one of the best television shows of the 21st century. However, after something as emotionally satisfying and unexpectedly hilarious as “Finding Frances”, Fielder is driving his subjects even farther by gently nudging them and asking politely. If nothing else, the show is a testament to the stereotype that all Canadians are friendly and well-meaning. They’re not. Drunk on power, Fielder seems to be descending into cult leaders trends, controlling crying baby dolls and how a woman eats chicken. He’s also got a weirdo man-child running around looking for hugs—disconcerting stuff. Enjoy!

The Rehearsal premieres on HBO on July 15 at 11 pm


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