Days after it was reported that Eric Holder had been attacked in jail, new photos of his injuries have surfaced. We’re in the thick of Holder’s trial as he stands accused of shooting and killing Nipsey Hussle at point-blank range. The death of the late rapper and activist created a movement that reverberates through Hip Hop until today, and rather quickly, Holder was located and arrested.

For years, there have been several delays associated with this case, but now that it is underway, Hussle’s supporters are awaiting news of Holder’s legal fate.

Earlier this week, Holder was mysteriously missing from the courtroom, and later, rumors began to spread that he claimed an attack behind bars. His attorney, Aaron Jansen, would come forward with details regarding what allegedly occurred.

“Mr. Holder, Jr. was assaulted by multiple individuals while he was in the holding cell at the jail while waiting to be brought to court yesterday morning,” Jansen told CBS News. “The attack included a razor and the back of his head was cut.”

Holder was reportedly back in court today (July 1) but it was clear that he was the victim of a vicious fight. A close-up photo of Holder has circulated online and it shows the 32-year-old with a swollen face. Any other injuries have not been specified nor shown publicly at this time.

As far as this case is concerned, prosecutors contest that Holder and Hussle were acquainted and grew up in the same neighborhood, but it is alleged that when the rapper warned him about snitching rumors, Holder murdered Nipsey in front of his Marathon Clothing Store business.