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Overwatch 2 beta: Junker Queen has me hanging up my healer hat

The second Overwatch 2 beta gave me Junker Queen, and now I don’t want anything else. The aggressive tank has made my second go at Overwatch 2 far better than the first. Sure, I still fundamentally dislike the 5v5 format and the new lightning-fast, kill-heavy combat that has subsequently sprung from it, but Junker Queen is making the transition a bit easier. In fact, I think she may pull me away from playing support heroes entirely – a bold statement considering the hundreds of hours I have spent with Moira since their introduction in 2017.

Is Junker Queen the drink that helps me swallow the bitter pill that is a faster and more aggressive version of Overwatch? It certainly looks like it.

Harder, faster, stronger

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Junker Queen is an absolute menace. She has a throwing knife that can be recalled with a magnetic glove that functions a lot like Roadhog’s hook, hurting enemies on the way out and back in. It can also pull foes slightly towards you or off ledges if you’re feeling extra cheeky, though it doesn’t have nearly as much pull as Hog’s. Her knife does wound damage as well, so you’ll hear the satisfying ticks of damage for a few moments after your knife is safely back in your hands. In fact, all of her abilities do wound damage, and passively heal her while it’s damaging enemies, so if you were n’t scared of her already, you should be now.

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