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Paul & Karine Staehle’s Son Pierre Is Reported Missing

Paul and Karine Staehle have had a deeply unhealthy and chaotic relationship, and now the former couple’s son Pierre has been reported missing.

Paul and Karine Staehle of 90 Day Fiance have been separated since their final blowout last year, but the former franchise couple is now dealing with their oldest son Pierre Staehle being reported missing. Karine and Paul shared a deeply unhealthy relationship that was broadcast across multiple 90 Day Fiance franchise shows, including 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. The duo broke up and reconciled in many messy moments and each obtained a restraining order against each other during one particularly messy split.

Paul has alleged Karine might have fathered their sons with other men, while Karine accused Paul of abuse before later taking back her statement. After a video of Karine hitting Paul in front of one of their sons went viral last year, the couple parted ways for good. However, Karine has since announced that she will be staying in the United States. Lately, the former 90 Day Fiance franchise stars have both been acting normal on social media, which has made the news about their last particularly disturbing to fans.


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In the past, Paul has alleged Karine was missing when she was really fine. However, their three-year-old son Pierre’s disappearance has been registered at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Though the young boy has been officially missing for over a week, franchise fans just found out about the shocking news. The report states, “Pierre was last seen June 8, 2022. He may be in the company of his father, Paul Staehle.” Pierre is listed as being missing from Louisville, Kentucky. He is biracial with brown hair and brown eyes and is 2’11” and 38 pounds. 90 Day Fiance star Paul was listed as an associated companion, news which u/Actual_Service_8057 shared to Reddit. “I’m not surprised,” the user captioned the post. Many commenters began referencing Paul’s unstable behavior and voicing their concern for Pierre.

Paul Karine Staehle Pierre Missing 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days

Paul has been filmed behaving erratically many times in the 90 Day Fiance franchise, such as when he infamously took off running away from the camera crew. Meanwhile, he has accused Karine of multiple shocking claims on social media. Unfortunately, many viewers aren’t surprised to hear that he might have abducted his own son, though viewers are still very concerned for the young boy. Some suspicious fans called out Paul and Karine for their behavior. “Both parents post memes, dances, random live stuff etc daily…why wouldn’t Karine be going insane over this and Paul posting dad stuff? This doesn’t make sense,” wrote u/ksanderson1976. “Hopefully if they find them this will finally cause him to lose custody, which is the best thing that can ever happen for those kids to get away from him & his nutty family,” u/sarlto added.

unfortunately, many 90 Day Fiance fans have feared that Paul might commit a serious crime again. Paul already has a criminal past that includes arson, and his erratic behavior on TV and social media has left many viewers feeling unsettled. Many franchise fans theorized that Karine could n’t stand her husband, which left viewers shocked that the pair kept getting back together after their breakups. Now that former 90 Day Fiance duo Paul and Karine are done for good, Paul might be responsible for his young son going missing.

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