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Pokemon Unite Absol Broke the game

After recent buffs, the dark type assassin pokemon absolutely broke the game. Though the pick was never all taht weak, Pokemon Unite Absol received buffs in the most recent patch update. This allowed the pokemon to essentially become the most broken pokemon in the game, drastically increasing its play rate in all ranks. Here is some context around the phenomena that has been affecting the game.


Before the buff, Absol mostly played in the middle, also known as the jungle in Pokemon Unite. Some players played the pick in the side lanes, but this only really occurred when someone else took the center role. A common consensus at some point was that Pokemon Unite Absol in the side lanes just generally sucked. However, after receiving the buffs, the pick’s viability in side lanes increased drastically. In essence, the pokemon is now functional in quite literally every lane.

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Both Psycho Cut and Pursuit received massive buffs. Psycho Cut now deals a hidnerance effect on enemies, which drastically increases Absol’s utility for skirmishes. Its biggest weakness prior was the lack of crowd control, thereby relying on already squishy or immobile pokemon to walk out of position. Since Absol now has a slow, or an even bigger movement speed increase, the reliance on teammates and poorly performing enemies has become much less of a determining factor.

In conclusion

For those who have been looking for a meta to see Pokemon Unite Absol shine, now is the chance. The pokemon is finally seeing a lot more play, and for great reason. Pokemon Unite Patch Updates aren’t too frequent, but chances are, if the developers are any smart and dilligent, Absol will receive nerfs in the next patch. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of Absol’s strenghts now. After all, it’s not every day that Absol stands as a priority pick in Pokemon Unite.

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