Ranking top duos at 11 key position groups

The Eagles’ bookends possess the size, length and athleticism to stymie elite pass rushers on the edges. Johnson (6-6, 325) is an ultra-athletic blocker with exceptional skills in the run or pass game. The 32-year-old veteran is a rarity as a mauler/brawler with nimble feet and quick hands. With the Eagles transitioning to a run-heavy offense behind a dynamic quarterback with outstanding running skills, Johnson will get a chance to showcase his diversified game. Mailata (6-8, 365) is an extra-large blocker with a strong punch and a nasty finish. As a former rugby standout with exceptional athleticism for his size, the 25-year-old fifth-year pro (who did not play in 2018 or ’19) is a unicorn at the position with the potential to become a perennial all-star. Considering how well the veteran and youngster have meshed as tandem on the edges, it is not a coincidence the Eagles have a emerged as one of the premier rushing teams in the league.

THE NEXT TWO: 2) David BakhtiariLT and Elgton JenkinsRT, Green Bay Packers; 3) Tristan WirfsRT and Donovan SmithLT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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