Report: EA Studios Unhappy With the Company’s Controversial Tweet About Single-Player Games

That controversial EA single-player games tweets last week apparently caused quite a stir within the publisher’s own studios. For the uninitiated, someone handling the company’s Twitter profile tweeted, “They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games,” seemingly dismissing those who only play single-player games. The response from the community was swift and upon being roasted, EA tweeted that it was “taking the L.” But what prompted the tweet from a company that has some of the best single-player games in the market? According to an interesting USA Today report, the person who shot that tweet out might not even have been familiar with the games industry or EA’s infamous single-player stance in the past. Yikes!

The strange story behind EA’s single-player games tweet

“I’m 99 percent sure the person who posted the tweet and their manager don’t even know about the single-player games comment from a decade ago,” a source told USA Today’s Kirk McKeand. “They’re all new and most of them, to my knowledge, aren’t really game industry people. The person who posted that tweet didn’t know and wasn’t supported properly to ensure something like this didn’t happen.” Bizarre.

McKeand’s source revealed that the tweet landed in the company’s Slack shortly after it went live, with studios expressing displeasure over it. Suggestions were then made to have EA’s various studios roast its parent company’s Twitter account and turn the whole thing into a marketing ploy. But what really stands out in USA Today’s report is the revelation that EA has its social media channels operated by folks who are neither familiar with EA’s games and history nor with the games industry.

In other news, Sony’s catching flak for removing players’ access to movies and TV shows they purchased, and it looks like GTA 4/Red Dead Redemption 1 remasters aren’t entirely off the table.

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