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Sergio Garcia rant after Scottish Open ban: ‘You’re all f–ked’

Sergio Garcia’s rant was aimed at the PGA Tour back in May wasn’t the end of his vitriol.

The former Masters champion, who turned coat on the PGA Tour and joined the LIV Golf Series last month, had a meltdown after being banned from the Scottish Open and fined by the DP World Tour for his participation in the Saudi-backed league, according to the Telegraph.

“Sergio flew off the handle, shouting, ‘This Tour is s–t, you’re all f–ked, should have taken the Saudi money,’” an anonymous player told the Telegraph. “Bob MacIntyre was there and he was disgusted.”

MacIntyre declined to comment to the Telegraph, though he later tweeted, “Amazing how fast you can lose respect for someone that you’ve looked up to all your life.”

Garcia, along with 15 others, is threatening to sue the DP World Tour after being fined £100,000 ($105,000) and suspended from the Scottish Open, a marquee event on the European circuit. The Spaniard was caught on camera screaming at a rules official during the Wells Fargo Championship in May, saying, “I can’t wait to leave this tour. I can’t wait to get out of here. A couple of more weeks and I won’t have to deal with you any more.”

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“Sergio’s reputation had taken quite a hammering anyway before this, but this has sealed it for many of us,” the player told the Telegraph. “The rant in America the other month was one thing, but this is his home tour, where he started and he should n’t forget that. Fair enough, he’s taken the money. But he doesn’t have to rub other players’ noses in it.”

Garcia has reportedly lobbied the DP World Tour to avoid further punishment, and said at the inaugural LIV event outside London that he wants to keep his membership there, in part to try to make the Ryder Cup team.

“Let’s just say there is not an overload of sympathy for his argument,” one anonymous insider told the Telegraph.


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