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Skate 4: New Trailer Revealed, EA Asking for Playtesters

Since Skate 3’s release over 12 years ago, fans and newcomers alike have eagerly awaited the release of skateboard 4 (also known as skate.). Though it’s been almost a year since Full Circle’s last update, the newly-formed team wants players to know that they’re “still working on it.”

Today, the team released a trailer for the game showing footage of the game’s various prototypes (or, as the trailer puts it, “pre-pre-pre-alpha” versions).

The trailer is noticeably transparent about the game development process, giving players a glimpse of various processes like character rigging and dealing with bugs, though there are a few segments of gameplay with more polished graphics to show players what the game’s future might have in store

It also seems that player feedback is a big component of Skate 4 — the trailer shows a variety of comments that the development team took into account, supposedly confirming features like nonbinary player customization options, the ability to climb up to skate spots, and cross- platform play.

EA is also recruiting playtesters for the game here. However, it is a closed playtest, so only certain players will be selected (and those who are won’t be able to share any content from the game).

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