Tony Buzbee seeks documents regarding NFL’s investigation of Deshaun Watson

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This past week featured a three-day hearing regarding the league’s effort to discipline Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. The four pending lawsuits against Watson were not completely forgotten.

Fox 8 in Cleveland reports that attorney Tony Buzbee filed paperwork on Friday seeking documents from the NFL regarding its investigation of Watson. Buzbee seeks among other things the transcript of the disciplinary hearing.

It’s fair game, especially since Watson’s testimony can be used in the civil litigation that Buzbee is pursuing. The materials also may contain others relevant information.

Regardless of whether and to what extent the league suspends Watson, the four pending cases will continue — along with any others that may still be filed. Watson officially has settled 20 of the cases. The others could settle, but Buzbee needs to proceed as if they won’t.

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