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Volanta Receives a New Update Focusing on Speed, Imports and More

Volanta, a free flight tracking and community tool, has just been updated to version 1.3. The all-new version focuses on new ways to import your flights, the ability to tag flights and be faster overall.

One of the most-requested features finally makes an appearance with Volanta 1.3; the ability to import as CSV file. If you have saved flights in that file format, you can now manually import them into Volanta adding them to your collection of flights in the app. Once done, you can now also tag flights allowing you to arrange them into specific categories.

Other new features include the fact that aircraft now have ‘home’ locations, you can now pre-file flights on IVAO and also filter flights based on new conditions. Furthermore, those of you who use FlightGear can now track your flights with Volanta.

Speed ​​also saw a huge improvement with the new update. Finding flights and viewing them is now much faster than before.

Another area that’s been improved with version 1.3 is accessibility. Translations for various languages ​​have been updated, whilst the app is now better for users with screen readers.

You can get the new update of Volanta simply by opening up the app and downloading the new update. If you haven’t already tried it out, you can get access to Volanta for free from their website.

To get the most out of Volanta, you will want to pick up a Volanta Premium subscription. The Premium features include unlimited 4K screenshot uploads, access to schedules, cloud saves and much more. You can sign up for AU$6.35 (excluding tax) per month.


  • Flights can now be organized into tags. Check them out from the notes tab on your flight. You can also filter by tags on the flights list.
  • Manually import past flights from a CSV file. Available in settings -> data import/export.
  • Planned flights in your roster can now be reordered by dragging and dropping.
  • Support for FlightGear, a free flight simulator.
  • Each aircraft now has a “home” location.
  • The flight list and flight details page got a major performance boost.
  • Filter search boxes on the flights and aircraft page now show a drop-down list of possible options.
  • Flights can be filtered by callsign.
  • Flights can be filtered by date (before, after, and on) with a datepicker
  • Support for pre-filing flights on IVAO.
  • Performance improvements across the app, particularly when loading the web/mobile version of Volanta.
  • Improved accessibility particularly for users with screen readers.
  • Importers now support languages ​​other than English.
  • The number of screenshot likes you’ve received is now visible on your profile.
  • Flight briefing summary now shows the correct TOW instead of gross weight
  • Fixed some issues with liking screenshots, particularly on profile pages.
  • Planning a SimBrief flight with no callsign or aircraft will no longer send “NULL” to SimBrief.
  • Simplified METAR order has been adjusted (it’s now pressure, temperature then wind)
  • Many translation updates, thank you to all who have helped make Volanta more accessible to people all over the world! Learn more: https://translate.volanta.app/
  • Many dependencies were updated to their latest version (Electron, Angular, chart.js, and more)

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