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Xbox Cloud Gaming launches on Samsung smart TVs

Xbox Cloud Gaming via an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription can now be accessed through the brand-new Xbox app on Samsung 2022 smart TVs using a Bluetooth-enabled controller.

The previously announced Xbox App for 2022 models of Samsung smart TVs is now available in 27 countries, and will let you access and play almost all of the games included with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Check out our Cloud-enabled games list to see what’s currently available, and don’t forget that Microsoft recently said that it plans on allowing you to play your full library of games via Xbox Cloud Gaming in the future.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now stream games via their Samsung smart TV

To access the service, you’ll first need a Samsung 2022 smart TV, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (You can play Fortnite for free to try out the service), and a Bluetooth-enabled controller like the Xbox Wireless Controller or Xbox Adaptive Controller — you can use a DualSense controller if you’re feeling particularly rebellious.

Microsoft’s announcement post on Xbox Wire states that there are two ways to access the app, depending on where in the world you’re located. You’ll either find the Xbox app within Samsung’s new Gaming Hub, which has the app prepped and ready to go for you already, or via the Samsung App store from the Media Hub. All you’ll need to do is search for ‘Xbox’ and download the app to your TV.

It’s also worth mentioning that due to Bethesda’s catalog of games being part of Xbox Game Pass, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has technically launched on another device. Enjoy!

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