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Yes ‘Destiny 2,’ Give Us Season Of The Drifter 2

Yesterday marked the grand finale of Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2, a final showdown against Calus on the Leviathan with Caiatl, Zavala and Crow at our side.

But also a constant presence this season has been Eris Morn, who walked everyone through their trauma healing, and cackles every time we pick up a scythe. She’s also given the final story note of the entire season, an audio message addressed to someone unknown where she talks about how she doesn’t want just peace, but maybe also joy.

She also asks the person in question what they’re up to in the shore, and that they should meet her on the moon to dig into more secrets of the pyramid there. Every sign-off? She addresses him as “Rat.”

That’s the Drifter.

Now, fans are wondering if we are perhaps about to swing back around to the Drifter as a character to lead next season, which we currently have zero information about, given the context of this message. And for my part, I say absolutely bring on Season of the Drifter 2, even if the first one was more or less a total bust.

At this point, I think we need to divorce Drifter the character from Drifter the Gambit vendor. What I want is a season focused on the character of the Drifter, and sure, I wouldn’t say no to perhaps a budding romance with Eris to give her some of that “joy” she’s now seeking. I think you can make the case that the Drifter is one of Destiny’s best characters, and yet even though he’s been present in the lore a lot for a while now, we have not actually heard from him in a long time. He showed up as part of the ”darkness fireteam” in Beyond Light, for instance, alongside Eris and the Exo Stranger, but he didn’t actually…say or do anything in that storyline.

I think Bungie may be hesitant to return to the Drifter given that Season of the Drifter may be the worst-received standalone season in the Destiny’s history. It introduced Gambit Prime and arguably one of the worst PvE activities ever, Reckoning, which was built to circumvent Destiny power creep and had to be nerfed several times before it was borderline palatable. Cool weapons that season, though.

As for Gambit, no, even if want a Drifter-focused season, I do not want a Gambit-focused season. Gambit really should not suck up any more of Bungie’s time or resources at this point. We need way, way more new PvP maps before we start thinking about new Gambit maps, and it’s become pretty clear it’s more or less impossible to balance weapons and loadouts for Gambit, so honestly I don’t even know if it’s worth trying. The only real Gambit request I have is to at least bring back the removed Tangled Shore and Dreaming City maps so we can have six instead of four, but outside of that, no, no more Gambit seasons, even if Drifter does become a main character .

As for whether or not this will happen, I have no idea. We have gotten many story clues like this before where we thought that we were getting hints about the next season, but they turned out to be nothing, like Saint and Mithrax’s hunt for Sagira and Osiris. I mean, it’s not impossible, and next season could involve some sort of seasonal activity inside the moon pyramid maybe, but I also don’t think it’s a guarantee. What I am sure about, however, is that Destiny 2 needs more Drifter voicework, getting him out of the pages of the lore and into the actual game again. And no, Gambit does not need to be attached.

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