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A ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Figured Out the Connection Between Venca and Eleven’s Real Dad

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Stranger Things season 4 has a way of keeping viewers on their toes and with one last season remaining, the are all-consuming.

But there’s been one question floating around since the start of the Netflix original series: Who is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)’s biological father? Well, it seems that season 4 left a massive trail of breadcrumbs, and fans have picked up on it.

With Eleven to the Hawkins Lab to returning her powers and consequentially reliving her upbringing in the facility, fans on TikTok pointed out Eleven’s unmatched strength over all the other kids, and that’s because some believe that her dad is actually One. Honestly, the math adds up.

Photo credit: Netflix

Photo credit: Netflix

A video posted by Just The Nobodys podcast lays out a timeline of the MKUltra experiments (basically how all the kids got their powers) — starting with Eleven’s mom Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins) who joined the project in 1969. We know Eleven was born in 1971, which means her mom got pregnant with her during the tests, sometime in 1970. A 1959 flashback in the mid-season 4 finale reveals a 12-year-old One (Jamie Campbell Bower). That puts One, aka Vecna, as 24 when Eleven was born.

“The theory is that Brenner knew that none of the kids, numbers Two through Ten, were as strong as number One,” one of the podcast hosts said in the TikTok clip. “So, Dr. Brenner waited for One to get older to make him breed with Terry Ives to create Eleven — to make sure that she was the strongest, and clearly, she is.”

Stranger Things fans seem split as some commenters bought into it, while others still held onto skepticism. “Could explain why the mother has visions. It’s because the Vecna ​​(001) is actually inside her just like Will 😳,” one person wrote in the comments section. “I used to think Papa was her actual dad,” another added. “That’s what I thought, but [One] looks wayyy younger than El’s mom 💀💀,” a different fan said.

Like the TikTok points out, One also knows exactly how to unlock Eleven’s full powers, unlike Brenner. It’s because Eleven has the same exact powers that he does. He even says that she reminds him a lot of himself.

In “Chapter Six: The Dive,” One tells Eleven that Brenner doesn’t always tell the truth. Fans think that One hinted at her mother here but she gets punished by Brenner because he does n’t want Eleven to know the truth about her parents.

We’ve certainly heard stranger things … Let’s hope all will be revealed in season 5!

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