Can you spot the letter? Optical illusion tests your eyes

Very few people can solve this optical illusion to the T.

A brain teaser making the rounds on TikTok ask puzzle lovers to spot the letter “T” among a group of colorful similar looking shapes.

Magic Phil. a children’s TV presenter and TikToker who lives in Dubai, claims he solved the puzzle in just 20 seconds.

Can you spot the T is this tricky brain teaser?

Commenters on Magic Phil’s video shared their own record times with some saying it took them a long while to find and others claiming they solved in under 20 seconds.

“omg I finally got it after watching this 5 times,” wrote rand.

“It took 5 seconds for me,” bragged TikToker Anna_Banana101010.

Still struggling with the puzzle? Maybe this clue from TikToker user7352484388613 will help: “its upside down color blue😌😌😌”

Still don’t see the blue upside down letter T? Bring your eyes to the center of the puzzle and you just might find it.


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