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Lawyer Camille Vasquez will celebrate her 38th birthday in Europe with boyfriend and Johnny Depp

In addition to visiting her famous client, Johnny Deppand going to Elton John and The Rolling Stones concerts, Camille Vasquezthe most well-known attorney around, will have lavish celebrations for her 38th birthday.

Every partner organized the celebrations for her, and they’ll be spending the special day outside of the United States and, more specifically, in Europe.

According to sources quoted by TMZ, Vasquez recently traveled to London, the home of her lover Ed Owen.

Not only do they have Wimbledon as part of their plans, but will also attend concerts by The Rolling Stones and Elton John.

Camille Vasquez to celebrate her birthday with Johnny Depp

They will then take a flight to Prague to watch Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck perform live.

Whether Depp will welcome her onto the stage is still an unanswered question. If so, the crowd are likely to greet her warmly.

Vasquez already said that Johnny had invited her to Europe

Early in June, Vasquez stated that the actor had asked her to travel to Europe with him this summer.

“I will hopefully be in Europe this summer where he [Johnny Depp] will be playing, so he told me ‘if you want, come and watch,'” Vasquez said at the time in an interview with Univision.

Additionally, she again refuted claims that she had an affair with Deppwith whom she was spotted being affectionate with in court.

“Of course I did [hug him]he is my friend, but first he is my client,” Vasquez repeated. “He was going through something very difficult.

“I love my clients very much and I like to hug and touch people, not kisses, but I did give him a hug because he needed it.”

Several law firms want her after winning Depp’s case

According to TMZ, Vasquez has been receiving offers from law firms following her significant victory in the media defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the Fairfax, Virginia, courtroom.

Projects in the pipeline

According to the same media outlet, the lawyer is apparently in discussions with agents and network executives about a variety of ventures, including broadcasting jobs, giving talks, and possibly starting her own production company.


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