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Minecraft Adds Technoblade Tribute to Game Following YouTuber’s Death

Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has been cemented in the game’s world via a new in-game tribute courtesy of Mojang. Earlier this week, news broke that YouTuber Technoblade had died from cancer at age 23. The YouTuber’s father uploaded a video with Technoblade’s final words as well as stories about the beloved content creator. The news was tragic and somewhat sudden, although fans were aware that the YouTuber had been sick for some time. Technoblade had amassed over 10 million subscribers prior to his passing and managed to garner over 2 million more after the news broke. Technoblade had accumulated a huge audience thanks to his wit, positivity, and fun content that made him incredibly likable. A number of major content creators paid tribute to Technoblade on social media after hearing of his death, showing his profound impact on many people.

Now, Minecraft itself is honoring the creator. When loading up the game’s launcher in the Java Edition, a pig with a crown can be spotted amongst the various characters. Technoblade was known for playing as a pig with a sort of royal outfit, sporting a crown and a red top. As of right now, it’s unclear if Minecraft will add any other additional items such as an official skin or anything else, but this is certainly a nice touch that fans seem to be appreciating. In addition to this, Minecraft server Hypixel added a “Memorial Guide” in the main lobby where players can leave a message for Technoblade’s family. The in-game book will then be moderated and printed so that it can be given to the YouTuber’s family.

It’s clear Technoblade had a big impact on the Minecraft community, leading to Mojang to officially recognize him and champion him in the game’s launcher, making him visible to everyone who plays the Java Edition of the game. Between all of the comments across social media, multiple in-game tributes, and his legacy of YouTube videos, Technoblade will clearly be remembered fondly.


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