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No game does pride like Apex Legends

Apex Legends has set a very high bar for LGBTQIA representation in modern multiplayer games – so high, in fact, that you’d be hard-pressed to find any game that comes even close to it. From a nonbinary character whose pronouns are correctly used by other Legends to two openly gay cis women having flirtatious banter mid-match, Apex Legends is impressively diverse

Its level of representation extends into the hallways of Respawn, where employees infuse characters with their own lived experiences to make Apex Legends even more reflective of a modern global community. And players recognize these efforts, often citing Apex Legends as one of the few games where they see themselves and their genders and sexualities reflected back at them. Apex Legends may be a battle royale, but it’s paving the way when it comes to LGBTQIA characters and ideologies in video games.

The Gay Agenda

(Image credit: EA)

A quick look at the Apex Legends roster shows 21 characters, eight of which fall outside of heteronormative sexuality/gender spectrums. Fuse is pansexual, Loba is bisexual, Gibraltar is gay, Bloodhound is non-binary, Valkyrie is a lesbian, Bangalore has been romantically linked to Loba, Seer is pansexual, and Mirage is questioning his sexuality. Respawn has not hesitated when asked for clarification or details about these characters: narrative director Amanda Doiron took to Twitter (opens in new tab) to make it clear that Seer was not attracted to “a specific gender” when asked by players, and in reference to Valkyrie’s sexuality, writer Tom Casiello said in an interview (opens in new tab) that “we don’t want you playing our game” if you have a problem with it.

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