Tasker 6.0.9 is now available with thousands of preset Tasky routines

The beginner-friendly interface for the automation app wants to lower the bar of entry

Tasker is one of the most powerful automation tools for your Android phone, enabling highly customizable and granular controls for tons of on-device tasks — and based on the Tasker 6.0 beta releases that started landing in March, we knew a lot more was on the horizon. Developer João Dias has now announced the first public, stable 6.0 release, introducing more users to Tasky — the simpler version of Tasker designed for novices.

Tasky, as you may remember from those beta builds, is an alternate interface for the app that largely relies on pre-compiled routines. Users can still customize these to suit them to their particular needs, or study how they work and maybe one day use that knowledge to get comfortable with full-blow Tasker.


With Tasker 6.0.9, users will no longer need root access (or ADB Wi-Fi) in order to set routines involving the Airplane Mode toggle. So, you could theoretically set a routine for Airplane Mode to be switched on when you get home, and Tasker will oblige regardless of whether your phone is rooted or not. We also get a new restart option, tools for pulling details about screen contents and pages you’re viewing in your browser, and the ability to get lots of information about battery status — plus lots more.

Power users will want to check out the complete changelog to learn about all the tweaks and new capabilities coming to the app.

The inclusion of Tasky in this release looks like a great way to help beginners get started with the world of automation and device routines. You can either download the latest version of Tasker from the Google Play Store or get the APK via Dropbox.

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