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The Trio dominating Fortnite Zero Build + Tfue Top 10 in Cash Cup

One team has been head and shoulders above the rest so far in Fortnite Season 3.

As part of this season’s tournament schedule, Epic Games is running regular Trios Zero Build Cash Cups. These events offer another avenue for fans to experience the thrill of Fortnite competition.

Queasy, Th0masHD, and Anas are known as some of the best players in standard Fortnite esports; In fact, Queasy is a two-time FNCS Champion, and the trio have collectively earned around $1.5 million in online prize money alone.

Do these skills translate into Zero Build success? yes. Very much so. In these first two weeks of Zero Build Cash Cups, Queasy and co have won both EU Finals, plus even more impressively, they’ve also won both Finals on NAE too!

Additionally, from the four qualifier rounds, they’ve placed 1st twice, and 2nd in the other two. That is some staggering consistency.

The secret seems to be averaging 10/11 eliminations per game and maintaining an average placement around 6th; preferably with at least one Victory Royale. With these Cups being just 90 minutes long, this means you cannot die off spawn.

So, if these Zero Build events are being dominated by existing pros, are they doing their job of attracting a new audience to competitive Fortnite? Well, they’ve certainly won back the loyalty of one huge creator…

Turner “Tfue” Tenney was one of the biggest stars to come out of the original Fortnite boom. He played at the highest level for years, before losing interest and moving on early in Chapter 2.

But since the introduction of Zero Build, Tfue has been fully back on the Fortnite grind! He’s been streaming all the Zero Build tournaments on as many regions as possible, often to upwards of 15k viewers.

Yesterday he came 10th in NA East Finals alongside Nate Hill and Zemie. Perhaps we’ll see the name Tfue back on top of a Cash Cup leaderboard soon.

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