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WWE shares cryptic video teasing a potential return during Money in the Bank

WWE shared a cryptic video during the Money in the Bank premium live event.

The event kicked off with the Women’s MITB ladder match, which Liv Morgan won. Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Theory to win the United States Championship. Meanwhile, Bianca Belair retained her RAW Women’s Title, and The Usos held on to the Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

Between the Undisputed Tag Team Championship defense and Ronda Rousey defending her SmackDown Women’s Title against Natalya, fans witnessed a spooky vignette being aired.

The clip featured a creepy backdrop, music, and the outline of the figure, leading many to speculate who it could be.

The video also showcased a pair of wrestling boots, glasses, and a close-up of a man’s hand. While there has been no confirmation on who it may be, it has led to widespread speculation in the wrestling world.

After the clip, the show went on as usual, with Ronda Rousey retaining her title after defeating Natalya. However, Liv Morgan soon cashed in her MITB contract on The Baddest Woman on the Planet and won the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The men’s MITB ladder match is set to take place as the last match of the night. It is yet to be seen who will become Mr. MITB and earn the opportunity to cash in for a WWE World Title of their choosing.

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