Google’s July 2022 security patch is here for Pixel phones

It’s on the heels of a scheduled delay thanks to this week’s US holiday

Google usually rolls out its monthly patches to Pixels on the first Monday of every month, bringing a whole slate of bug fixes and other improvements to devices everywhere. Of course, like many US workers springing back to work after a long holiday weekend, the company’s just a little bit behind its usual schedule. As is standard for when a national holiday falls on a Monday, Google is now pushing out its July security patch to supported Pixels everywhere, only a couple of days off the usual routine.

This month isn’t quite as exciting as June’s Feature Drop — and, of course, with Android 13 just weeks away, it never could be — but as always, security improvements and bug fixes remain as important as ever. With support for the Pixel 3a now in the rearview mirror (with one more patch to go this month) today’s update is only available for the Pixel 4 and later. That said, this month’s upcoming Pixel 6a should launch on this very patch at the end of July.


As for what’s actually changing today, Google kept it incredibly simple. This month’s patch enables VoLTE on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Pacific regions.

Factory images and OTA files are both up for manual installation from Google’s website, in case you’re feeling impatient. Meanwhile, if you’re rocking the Android 13 beta on your device instead, you won’t have to wait too long for a new version either — Google’s roadmap suggests it should be launching sometime very soon.

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